Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to my Book Review Blog!

Welcome. If you're here, I hope it's because you have a love of the written word.

Although I am a slow reader, I am going to try my hand at book reviewing. I love books and I love sharing my thoughts on the books I love. I will attempt to post my reviews in a timely fashion and in a uniform manner. Please see below for the format you can expect to find all reviews:

Release Date:
Format/Page Count:
Expectation: What I hope for before beginning the book.
Size: This is where I will rank the books I read. Instead of STARS I will give each book a size. Size 1 being the lowest ranking and size 5 being the highest ranking (Okay, it's exactly like stars without the got me).

Simple as that. I will be posting my first review shortly and hope to continue at a pace of at least 1 review every two weeks.

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